Hydraulic Coffee

Being the hydraulic engineering student association, we are considered to create and maintain the link between students, professors, hydraulic companies and ourselves. We do so by keeping everyone updated by sending newsletters and magazines, organizing fieldtrips, case studies, guest lectures and other activities like Mastercommunities. Also, we will be the central contacting point for students and others to ask questions, to gather information about activities or to get a nice hydraulic chat.

It will be a very casual and regular event. The idea is to weekly organize a coffee break for all hydraulic students and the whole department of hydraulic engineering. We’ll make sure there is enough coffee and tea for everyone. Knowing there will be delicious cookies as well, you know you should be there!

The day of the Hydraulic Coffee will be every Tuesday and starts at 10:30 AM in front of our office k3.72. Check also our Facebook or ask someone of the board. It might be your chance to register yourself for upcoming activities or ask that question you wanted to ask to your professors!

See you there!

The schedule for Q3:

  • Tuesday 10th of February
  • Tuesday 17th of February
  • Tuesday 24th of February
  • Tuesday 3th of March
  • Tuesday 10th of March
  • Tuesday 17th of March
  • Tuesday 24th of March
  • Tuesday 31th of March