Hydraulic Dinner





The 22nd of November, the board of the Waterbouwdispuut organized a new event called ‘Hydraulic Dinner’. The event supposed to connect students with hydraulic orientated companies. Students could apply by sending their curriculum vitae to the board. After all four companies (to be know: Royal HaskoningDHV, Van Oord, Witteveen+Bos and BAM) and 24 students were selected to join the dinner.

The evening started early this day. At 16:00 the first students arrived at restaurant Vlaanderen, where the event took place. Everyone had the possibility to get a hydraulic or non-hydraulic drink and a Dutch bitterbal. Meanwhile the representatives of the companies walked in, and slightly started their conversations with students. The Hydraulic Dinner was already a great success!

After everyone entered, the program started with a pubquiz presented by Tjerk Zitman. Students were divided into four groups so every group could join a company. Together they had to solve multiple questions where they needed acknowledge about hydraulic about hydraulic engineering, maths, but most of all: their common sense. With his questions, Tjerk pushed the groups to the extreme. At the end everyone could say they even learned something this evening!

When the pubquiz was ended, the four companies had the possibility to introduce themselves with a short presentation. Thereafter the dinner could start. Everyone was served a fantastic three – course menu composed by the restaurant. Each course the students switched tables so they could have a talk with every company.

After all the students and companies both have had a great evening. The board of the Waterbouwdispuut especially would like to thank Tjerk Zitman, by organizing the pubquiz this evening We are looking forward to the next edition!

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