Symposium 2018

This year’s symposium will be themed “North Sea Power”.

The North Sea offers great possibilities in terms of offshore energy and floating cities. How can we tackle challenges concerning marine ecology and efficiency to make optimal use of our North Sea for our future? Come and shine your light on this topic so that we all will learn from each other.

During this day, reknown key-note speakers from the HE field will shed a light on this theme, each from his/her own perspective.

We would like to introduce to you our moderator and our first speaker, Mark van Koningsveld and Emiel van Druten.

Prof. dr. ir. Mark van Koningsveld has been appointed as the new professor of Ports & Waterways. He succeeds Prof. em.Tiedo Vellinga. Mark van Koningsveld is also employed as Manager R&D Engineering at Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors. He obtained his masters degree in civil engineering from the TU Twente in 1998 and obtained his doctorate in 2003. In addition to his work at Van Oord is prof. Van Koningsveld among others, secretary of the Water & Maritime Top Sector, in which companies, researches, authorities and civil organisations work together on innovation for this sector, which is important for the Netherlands.

ir. Emiel van Druten is working on the interface of renewable energy and water at Witteveen+Bos since 2016. This combination fits with his background in mechanical engineering (BSc) and hydraulic engineering (MSc) at TU Delft. Within Witteveen+Bos, Emiel works in the group Wind and Solar Energy, where he is focusing on offshore wind. He is the project manager of the Student Innovation Hub Energy Island. He has mentored several students investigating this topic. Energy efficiency optimization and storage possibilities in hydropower and pumping stations are another example of projects where Emiel uses his expertise in both energy and water.

The second speaker we would like to introduce to you is Mindert de Vries from Deltares.

Mr. De Vries is an expert advisor specialized in environmental impact assessment and integrated coastal zone management. He has extensive knowledge of coastal ecosystems, habitat suitability evaluation, nature restoration, eco-engineering of soft and hybrid flood defense measures and impacts of water- and sediment pollution for species and ecosystems. Mr. De Vries is a project leader of many advisory and research studies within the Netherlands and abroad, particularly in the United States, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

He is specialized in research and advise on integrating biology and geomorphology, related to flood risk in coastal and estuarine ecosystems. He has held a professorship on eco-engineering on the University of Applied Sciences Hogeschool Zeeland and is now leading a center of expertise on climate adaptation of coastal landscapes. Mindert is project coordinator for an EU Framework Programme 7 R&D project on contribution of foreshores to flood risk reduction and disaster risk management.

The third speaker we want to introduce to you is Dr. ir. Rutger de Graaf-van Dinther. Rutger de Graaf-van Dinther is civil engineer, entrepreneur and researcher with a MSc and PhD (both finished cum laude) of Delft University of Technology where he studied innovative technologies and governance processes in urban water management to reduce the vulnerability of cities and improve their climate resilience. He is director and founding partner of three companies: DeltaSync (design, engineering and research on floating cities) BLUE21 (international business development floating cities) and INDYMO (underwaterdrones for water quality and ecology research. Rutger is also applied research professor (lector) of water innovation at Hogeschool Rotterdam. In 2016 he was one of the three finalists for the KIVI Prins Friso Engineer of the Year Award.

His mission is research, design and realisation of floating cities for human and ecological progress. This is based on the BlueRevolution vision, which aims at establishing a cyclical metabolism and symbiosis between cities on land and water. In his presentation he will elaborate on the application of the BlueRevolution vision in the North Sea. Moreover concrete projects such as the Floating Pavilion in Rotterdam and the Floating Ecohomes in Delft will be presented as well as the ongoing Floating Island project in French Polynesia.

Event summary:

 Students, KIVI members, TU Delft employees

May 24th 2018

12:15 – 19:00

Faculty of 3ME

Enroll via this link


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