Past Events

Op 19 en 20 mei organiseert Arcadis een inhousedag. Bekijk onderstaande link voor meer informatie!
Fortunately it is possible again to organise a Hydraulic Dinner! With the link stated below you can apply for this
Save the date! On the 25 of February, MTBS will host an In-House Case Day at their office in Rotterdam.
End of the year BBQ and Hydraulic Engineering Road Trip Dear Hydraulic Students, Now that everyone is working hard on
Guest lecture MTBS Wijnand Ijzermans and Godert van Rhede will take us along in their role as port strategy consultants
Hi Hydraulic Engineers, Are you a Young Professional and do you want to be involved in the world‘s leading knowledge-sharing
Op 20 & 21 mei 2021 organiseert Arcadis twee digitale Inhousedagen (E-housedagen)! Op één van deze dagen kun je een
Hydraulic Engineering Symposium 2021: Embrace the force of nature The Hydraulic Engineering Symposium 2021 will all be about building with
Meeting ID: 962 2379 2886 Password: 361815