Three times every year, ‘ Het Waterbouwdispuut’  publishes a new edition of the ‘ Swell’, our magazine. In these Swells, we publish reports from our recent activities, give more insight to what we’re currently busy doing in our ‘ From the president’-column and try to incorporate some of the experiences of our Hydraulic Engineering students and alumni. Also, we give our partners and sponsors the opportunity to advertise in our Swell.

Every one of our members and all of our partners automatically receive a copy of the Swell at their home address when it is released. Are you not a member or have you lost your copy of the Swell and would you still like to read that report on the summer Study Tour you attended? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Volume 42

In this edition of the Swell: A lustrum interview with Prof. dr. ir. Stefan Aarninkhof A story about the blocking
In this edition of the Swell: -Recap of Master Community 1 -A fun hydraulic pubquiz -An interview with Marinus Aalberts
Read about the new board of 'Het Waterbouwdispuut' as well as a review of the Waterbouwdag. This and much more

Volume 41

In this Swell you can read all about our multiple day excursion to Goteborg, the Hydraulic Dinner in the Zalmhuis
Read more about the study trip to Brazil, current Msc and PhD topics and much more in the Swell from

Volume 40

The last edition of the Swell for the academic year of 2018-2019! Find out what events have taken place these
In this edition of the Swell we are looking back at a very successful study trip to Dublin whilst also
In this edition of the Swell you will find an overview of the past events, including a great article about

Volume 39

In this edition of the Swell: interview with our new professor Mark van Koningsveld, reports on the Company Cases at
In this edition of the Swell: travelogue of the multi-day excursion to Lisbon, interview with our retiring master coordinator Henk-Jan
In this Swell: Multidisciplinary project in Chile, introduction of the new board of ' Het Waterbouwdispuut'  2017-2018, travelogue of the

Volume 38

In this edition of the Swell: travelogue of the MEX to Copenhagen, a report on the Hydraulic Dinner, multi-disciplinary project
In this edition of the Swell: a report of the Master Kick-Off day, multi-disciplinary project Flood Proof Myanmar, an interview
In this edition of the Swell: travelogue of the Study Tour to Panama, an interview on Tom Janssen's graduation project