End of the year BBQ

At the end of the academic year the summer officially began with a Hydraulic barbecue. It was great to see so many faces from the faculty and fellow students and we are glad to say that the barbecue was a succes!



Hydraulic Drinks

Join us and the staff of the Hydraulic Engineering department in celebrating that the exams are over! All Hydraulic Engineering students are welcome and the drinks are free of charge. Make sure to bring your friends and let’s make it a great evening!

8 November 2018 (Add to Google Calendar)


Café Tango


Symposium 2018

On Thursday the 24th of May our annual Symposium took place, which was themed “North Sea Power” this year.

The North Sea offers great possibilities in terms of offshore energy and floating cities (additional liveable area for the expanding human population). The question of the day: `how can we tackle challenges concerning marine ecology and efficiency to make optimal use of our North Sea for our future?’

The areas relatively close to shore, which are the first that will be utilized for offshore windfarms, will provide insufficient possibilities over the long haul to develop the required volumes of offshore wind energy. This makes it necessary to look for possibilities far out at sea.
The challenges and possibilities that arise with building far out in the North Sea have been addressed by the different speakers of the day.

The first moderator of the day was Prof. dr. ir. Mark van Koningsveld, our brand new professor of Ports and Waterways. With his experience in and knowledge of the Hydraulic field, his contribution to the Building with Nature working method and his eloquence he was able to ask some critical questions, point out the relevance of the different subjects and connect the presentations perfectly.

Marlies Langbroek has a lot of experience in stakeholder engagement and fulfills the role of team lead stakeholder management and communication for the Consortium North Sea Wind Power Hub. With her first presentation she opened everyone’s eyes by means of some interesting videos. Did you know the total time of human life on Earth equals 3 seconds when you equal the existence of the Earth with 24 hours? She took the students, and all the other interested people that visited the symposium, to a larger point of view. What are all the elements that pertain the initiation phase of the North Sea Wind Power Hub? The North Sea Wind Power Hub is intended to be built far offshore to collect all the energy from different wind farms of the different nations surrounding it and transfer the energy to mainland after (storage and) transition. What is the impact of such an island? What are the benefits? How much energy is it able to provide?
Marlies’ presentation was a perfect start of the day.

After Marlies, Rutger de Graaf – van Dinther took us to a smaller perspective. His idea of floating cities, at the moment realized as floating buildings, illustrated how many solutions can solve a big problem. His presentation also showed the difficulties of making a business case out of a totally new idea. It showed the audience how to start and how to convince the investers. His idea illustrated knowledge exchange and cooperation can result in a interdisciplinary solution for a large scale problem.

After this interesting presentation, Emiel van Druten gave us a presentation about the recently finished theses with reference to the possibilities of the North Sea. Aspects like how to store energy at an offshore island to deal with the intermittence of wind energy and what would be the best location for the island were discussed. Furthermore, the whole line of research that comes with these elements of the concept of the island were outlined. This illustrated the complexity of such a project in a Hydraulic Engineering point of view.

But it is not only the Hydraulic Engineering point of view that matters in projects of this size. Ecologist Mindert de Vries, our last speaker of the day, pointed out the effects of Hydraulic Engineering on the ecosystem. Not only did he mention the big ecosystem losses over the last decades and the importance of taking the impact on ecosystem into account in your design, he also made it specific. He showed the audience some easy habitat-creating solutions and some funny mistakes like shallow water that was meant for fish to breed, but that ended up as a bird-snackbar.

The day was concluded by a keen discussion led by Tjerk Zitman. Tjerk Zitman masters the art of being a erudite critic like no one else does. With his careful preparation he was able to ask the questions the whole panel wanted to answer eagerly. His thought-out questions inspired the audience to participate and this led to a dynamic discussion.

Then, it was time for a drink and a bite. The deputies of Fugro and Royal Haskoning DHV were waiting at the Lagerhuysch for a casual Company Fair.

We want to conclude with special thanks to all the speakers and both moderators that made our symposium an inspiring, dynamic, instructive day with great enthusiasm. We want thank the people of Fugro and Royal Haskoning DHV as well, for joining our first Company Fair.

We hope to see you all next year!

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Horvat & Partners

Horvat & Partners is an established name in the infrastructure sector. We have been involved in all major Dutch infrastructure projects over the past decades identifying project risk, auditing project control, evaluating project performance and conducting technical analyses. These activities require broad technical expertise, which we secure, for an important part, by maintaining strong ties with TU Delft. Our founder being a former professor at TU Delft, the academic background of our employees, a variety of internships and our proud contribution to the ‘Waterbouwdispuut’ all illustrate these ties.

Hydraulic Dinner May 2018

While the summer was slowly arriving and our students (hopefully) passed their 3rd quarter exams, time came for the second Hydraulic Dinner of this year. It is for the first time in our existence that a second edition of this annual event was organised.

This second edition we tried to keep somewhat smaller and more personal than the one held last December. To do so the location for this edition was right in the heart of our historic hometown: Delft, at restaurant “De Waag”. From as early as 1539 the municipality officials used this monumental building as a place where goods and valuables were weighed and measured. For our dinner night however, this location was used to weigh and measure weather the companies and students could be of interest to one another.

For this second edition three companies accompanied us (all of them for the first time) being Arcadis, Fugro and AllSeas over an exquisite menu. Twenty-one of our finest Hydraulic Engineering students got together with twelve representatives of the above mentioned companies. All students passed a selection in order to be able to participate, which resulted in an extra-motivated crowd.

During the evening the students had the opportunity to pose all their questions to the companies. Furthermore, after every course the students switched tables until every student had the opportunity to sit with every company at least once and to share a course with their employees.

In between every course there was the opportunity for one of the companies to have a short presentation about itself to the students. The companies were given quite some freedom concerning the exact content of the presentation, resulting in a good diversity in the presentations. Various aspects of the companies were highlighted like the working environment, company activities, sustainability, ongoing projects and available opportunities for students.

After the desert was served it was time for the final presentation, held by Fugro. Before the evening would come to an end there was time for some tea and coffee just and some final conversations before the evening had come to a conclusion.

As the representatives of the companies wandered off towards their cars or trains, the students of the group decided it was not yet time to go home and to pay a visit to all time favourite café “de Oude Jan”. At this location, the last serious note disappeared while the beers kept coming until the early hours…

All in all we can look back at an incredibly successful second edition of this event that has been very beneficial to the students and (hopefully) also the companies. Many of the students really appreciated the diversity between the participating companies as it gave a good overview of some of the various possibilities with a master degree in Hydraulic Engineering. The evening was a huge success and as the organisation we can’t wait for next years’ event!!!


Company Case Royal HaskoningDHV

On the 26th of March Royal HaskoningDHV hosted a company case for us!

It was great to welcome your delegation at the Royal HaskoningDHV head office last week for the yearly company case. We were very pleased with the results of the case and look forward to stay in touch!

If you have any questions regarding (graduation) internships or job opportunities, please contact Bas Wijdeven (B.Wijdeven@tudelft.nl). Normally, he holds an office at the 3rd floor (3.86) on Wednesdays. Please provide your CV, grade list (bachelor and master) and motivation if you’re interested.

Hydraulic regards,

Gosse de Boer
Royal HaskoningDHV

Company Case Van Oord

On the 20th of March  our Primary Partner Van Oord hosted an InHouse-day in their office in Rotterdam. It has been a full day of challenging cases concerning a future wind farm Van Oord plays a role in. The day was concluded with interesting presentations and a deserved winner. Finally, the possibilities for students at Van Oord were discussed while enjoying a well-deserved drink!

Internship Global Flood Risk Tool

Global Flood Risk Tool Development

Royal HaskoningDHV (RHDHV) is a globally leading international consultancy and engineering firm focussed on improving living circumstances around the world for already 135 years. With over 6.000 colleagues spread over 150 countries we are committed to enhance society together. In particular, we are global leaders in providing solutions to the world’s challenges living with water. Water introduces both opportunities and risks to communities and nature worldwide as urban populations grow, the climate changes and resources become increasingly scarce.

As a company we want to interact more with the client on issues regarding flood risks. Also, we want to be able to cope with different levels of detail. We want to achieve this by connecting existing in-house tools and expert know-how, by connecting to open data sources and focus on visualizations. Therefore, we are currently developing a Global Flood Risk Tool that creates insight in flood hazards, flood damages and flood risks at any location/region in the world and that is able to justify a proposed flood protection investment. The tool should be globally applicable, provide quick flood risk estimates, include generalized and automated routines for the different assessments, have the flexibility to customize the elevation, land use and/or damage functions and should be a visually attractive and interactive tool. In 2017 we have started the tool development using ArcGIS and Python Scripting. The tool is now able to perform flood hazard and flood damage assessments and connects with Google Earth Engine through an API to load relevant datasets.

We have the ambition to further develop the tool in 2018 (see Internship Activities) and launch this tool internally (within RHDHV) and externally (pilot with a client). Therefore, we are looking for an enthusiastic, analytical and creative student who is eager to continue the development of this promising tool and enjoys Python programming and working with ArcGIS. The student will be supervised by people from the advisory groups Rivers & Coasts and Smart Information Solutions. The student gets the opportunity to contribute to an innovative product development and collaborate with experts in the field of flood risk and geo-information systems in a multi-disciplinary environment. Furthermore, the student will get a good sense of working at Royal HaskoningDHV and the projects executed by both advisory groups in The Netherlands and abroad. An internship contract is drafted with the selected student at the start of the internship. A suitable internship allowance will be made available for the student.

Interested students can send their motivation letter, CV and grade list to Tjeerd Driessen (Tjeerd.driessen@rhdhv.com). He can also be contacted for more information on this internship opportunity.

Internship Activities/Duties

The main activities in this internship will be, but are not limited to:

  • Get acquainted with the existing Global Flood Risk Tool and automated routines
  • Implement option to apply user input (land use or damage curve) in the damage assessments
  • Implement flood risk assessment (i.e. flood risk maps, flood risk and damage graphs and interactive visualisations)
  • Implement multiple options to visualize output (e.g. standardized reports, ArcGIS Online viewer and/or ESRI StoryMaps)
  • Optimize the tool (i.e. improve user interface, speed up Python scripts)
  • Test and validate the tool by using existing cases and comparison with the Dutch Waterschadeschatter (WSS) (viewer) en Schade en Slachtoffer Module

Special requirements

We are looking for students matching the following profile:

  • MSc student
  • Experience with ArcGIS and Python scripting (such as arcpy package and object-oriented programming)
  • Collaborative approach and enthusiasm in working together with colleagues and clients.
  • Strong problem solving skills and analytical competences
  • Communicative skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Flexibility to travel (offices in Nijmegen, Amersfoort and Rotterdam)
  • Experience with hydrology, river management and/or flood risk management is preferred (not required)
  • Ability to communicate in Dutch language is preferred (not required)

Minimum duration internship

Minimum of 3 months (4 months or longer is preferred)

Name of organisation internship provider: Royal HaskoningDHV

Name of contact person internship provider: Tjeerd Driessen

Email address contact person: Tjeerd.driessen@rhdhv.com

Website: https://www.royalhaskoningdhv.com/en-gb/markets/water/296