Working together on a safe, liveable and accessible Netherlands. That is Rijkswaterstaat. The battle against water is not over yet. This is evident from the floods of the major rivers in 1993 and 1995 and new insights into climate change. We use our past to work on the future. Protection against floods will therefore remain high on the agenda in the 21st century. In addition, issues surrounding liveability and mobility remain important items on the agenda. Together with expert partners, we will continue to work towards a safe, liveable and accessible Netherlands.


It is within your and our reach: a liveable, accessible and sustainable Netherlands. The big challenge is not getting there, but how. We see innovations and new ways of working together as key to this. As consultants and engineers, we are building a future-proof country together with our clients, partners and knowledge institutes. Are you in?


HKV line in water works with a three-part mission with the aim of contributing to a safe and sustainable living environment for everyone: employees, clients, fellow companies, suppliers and society. Quality, socially oriented, entrepreneurial and transparent are our core values


Fugro Flood Defence is the leading geotechnical and hydrological consulting firm in terms of assessing, building close to, reinforcing and constructing flood defences. We are also active in ‘room for the river’ projects, area development projects and the extraction and reuse of raw materials. We set ourselves apart through our combination of state-of-the-art and innovative geotechnical products and services, such as consultancy, soil investigations, laboratory research, monitoring and geodetic measurements.

In such projects, Fugro draws on its expertise to facilitate sustainable solutions. Examples include the utilization of local available soil and the development of both innovative survey techniques and innovative dyke reinforcement methods.

Thanks to our local presence and worldwide network of expertise, our advice is based on a combination of local knowledge and global know-how and technology. Fugro Flood Defence is involved in numerous high-profile projects including the area development project at Ooijen en Wanssum, the dyke relocation project at Lent, the strengthening of the Markermeer dykes, the assessment and dyke-reinforcement design of the dykes along the Spui, the dyke reinforcement at Wolferen-Sprok and the strengthening of the dykes protecting the city of Zwolle.


CDR International is a fully independent coastal, river and port engineering and consultancy firm having its roots in the Netherlands. CDR stands for Coasts, Deltas and Rivers, the environment and field of our expertise in broadest sense. CDR is focusing on project development, management, design and engineering services in particular in the marine and maritime sector worldwide. Our services cover the range of project idea development, (bankable) feasibility studies, detailed mathematical modelling and design studies to supervision during the construction phase.


Witteveen+Bos offers its clients value-added consultancy and top-quality design for water, infrastructure, environment and construction projects. As one of the partners of Het Waterbouwdispuut, Witteveen+Bos is appreciated for participating in many activities throughout the year.


As one of the newer partners of “Het Waterbouwdispuut”, MTBS is a name that not many students know of yet. MTBS is changing this rapidly by hosting an In-House event each year and actively making a name for themselves. MTBS is an international finance and strategy advisory firm offering business solutions to clients in the maritime and transport sector.

Van Oord

Van Oord has been one of the most valued partners of Het Waterbouwdispuut since many years. Organizing many events together makes our students acquainted with the Dutch way of thinking at this international maritime contractor for which they are highly appreciated. Located in Rotterdam, Van Oord not only hosts activities in the Netherlands but also abroad Hydraulic Engineering students are often welcome in Van Oord offices.

Royal Haskoning DHV

As one of our primary partners, Royal HaskoningDHV surely puts a lot of effort into the collaboration with “Het Waterbouwdispuut”. Hosting many events during the years, Royal HaskoningDHV has become one of the most respected partners being an international engineering and project management consultancy. Since Royal HaskoningDHV operates globally they actively help students find topics for graduation projects or internships.