End of the year BBQ and Hydraulic Engineering Road Trip

End of the year BBQ and Hydraulic Engineering Road Trip

Dear Hydraulic Students,

Now that everyone is working hard on their deadlines and their final exams of this year, it is a good moment to announce that there will be an event on July 1st to end the year and to usher in the summer break! First, we will have a Hydraulic Engineering Road Trip after which there will be a BBQ at the Delftse Hout! The road trip will start around noon and if you like,  it is possible to attend only one of the two events (road trip or bbq) but we of course recommend to be present at both.

For the road trip, we would like you to arrange your own car for you and the people with whom you would like to take the trip. Specially made Waterbouwdispuut mouth masks will be distributed by us at the start.

All corona-related measures that are issued by the government should be met. More information on corona-safety will be shared after closure of the applications.

If you like to attend the road trip, please send an email to me (secretaris@waterbouwdispuut.nl) and if you like to attend the BBQ please fill in the following google forms: https://forms.gle/2YuyFqZdTW8zZJ6L7. More information will follow but for now, make sure to put July 1st in your calendar.

Het Waterbouwdispuut, MEX committee & Lustrum Committee 2021

Guest lecture MTBS

Guest lecture MTBS

Wijnand Ijzermans and Godert van Rhede will take us along in their role as port strategy consultants for MTBS. The session will touch upon several innovative port designs and elaborate how such infrastructural concepts are translated into a bankable business case. The lecture sits on the interface between strategy, finance and engineering and is tailored to eager- and internationally-orientated young professionals. Hope to see you there!


Zoom link: https://tudelft.zoom.us/j/98528646094

Guest lecture PIANC

Hi Hydraulic Engineers,

Are you a Young Professional and do you want to be involved in the world‘s leading knowledge-sharing network of professionals in the waterborne transport infrastructure? Are you interested in contacting world class experts in your sector and boost your career? PIANC is the global organisation providing guidance and technical advice for a sustainable waterborne transport infrastructure to ports and waterways.

We invite you to an open lecture on next Wednesday 09/06 from 15:45 - 16:30h, when two TU alumni and a MSc student from YP PIANC will tell you about their worldwide experiences within the Association. Irena Doets (Boskalis), Gosse de Boer (RH DHV), and Sebastian Iglesias (TU Delft) will guide you on how to benefit from the knowledge development opportunities within technical Working Groups of our technical commissions to reach your personal and professional goals and be part of the organisation that brings on new developments to your sector. Also, on how to be part of events at international, regional, and local level –as well as networking events linked to PIANC Conferences and Congresses.

Find out more about our presence, endless networking opportunities, upcoming conferences, skill development assets like bilateral exchange pro-grammes and prospects to win various awards at: https://www.pianc.org/

Hope to see you on June 9th! Add the event to your calendar. To join the meeting: https://tudelft.zoom.us/j/98528646094

Ports and Waterways staff

E-Housedagen Arcadis (aanmelden voor 6 mei)

Op 20 & 21 mei 2021 organiseert Arcadis twee digitale Inhousedagen (E-housedagen)! Op één van deze dagen kun je een virtueel kijkje in de keuken van Arcadis krijgen. Een goede kans om Arcadis te leren kennen of jezelf op de kaart te zetten!
Meer informatie over hun event en de aanmeldprocedure kun je vinden op hun website:

Hydraulic Engineering Symposium 2021: Embrace the force of nature (registration closed)

Hydraulic Engineering Symposium 2021: Embrace the force of nature

The Hydraulic Engineering Symposium 2021 will all be about building with nature and circularity. On May 7th, Stefan Aarninkhof (Professor Coastal Engineering TU Delft) will host the symposium from our corona-proof studio. The symposium will start with a plenary session where Henk Nieboer (director EcoShape) and Bart-Jan van der Spek (Project manager & engineer CDR international) will speak about building with nature and their experience in this field of work. After this session, four leading hydraulic engineering companies will join us for two challenging workshops after which we finalize the symposium with a discussion and some virtual drinks which will be provided by the symposium committee.

The symposium is the perfect way to get know this intriguing field of work and to experience how companies implement this kind of engineering in their own projects. Enthusiastic? Apply now, via the following google forms link:

https://forms.gle/ZdYnHBxXXaVhGR3L6 (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

Note that a gmail-account is needed to apply for the event and that the event is only accessible for TU Delft master students. Because of the current COVID-19 measures, the symposium is an online event for all participants. More information on the program follows after registration. For all questions concerning the symposium please send an e-mail to symposium@waterbouwdispuut.nl .

Hope to see you all on May 7th,

Symposium committee 2021

Guest lecture Van Oord 22nd of February

On the 22nd of February from 12.40 to 13.30 an online guest lecture of Van Oord is scheduled! During the lunch break Ruben Visser will tell you all about the coastal related aspects of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link: the longest immersed road and rail tunnel that is currently being constructed to connect the Danish island of Lolland with the German island of Fehmarn, crossing the 18-kilometre-wide Fehmarn Belt in the Baltic Sea. The lunch lecture of 22nd of February by Ruben Visser will present some of the coastal related design challenges to overcome and gives insight in the day-to-day activities when working for a Marine Contractor.


For the link to the Zoom meeting, click here.

Master Community I

Master community I

This Monday, November the 16th, Master Community 1 is hosted online! Master community 1 is all about gaining information about future prospects within Hydraulic Engineering. During the event three graduates are talking about the start of their carrier. They will talk about the offers they received and the choices they have made after graduation.
The program is as follows:
16:50 Zoom in
17:00 Iris Heemskerk from the Port of Rotterdam
17:20 Stef Boersen, Royal Haskoning
17:40 Paul van WIechen, PhDer at Coastal Engineering
18:00 Auke Tempel Trainee at Boskalis
After each session there is room to ask questions and have a chat with each other!
Hope to see you on Monday!

Ontmoet Arcadis

Digitale bijeenkomst voor studenten en starters “Ontmoet Arcadis”

Op donderdag 10 en vrijdag 11 december organiseert Arcadis een virtueel kijkje in de keuken. Op één van deze twee dagen krijg je de mogelijkheid om digitaal kennis te maken met de mensen en projecten bij Arcadis. Het programma start allebei de dagen om 9.00 uur en eindigt om 11.30 uur. Voor de volledige informatie klik hier.