Hydraulic Engineering Symposium 2021: Embrace the force of nature (registration closed)

Hydraulic Engineering Symposium 2021: Embrace the force of nature

The Hydraulic Engineering Symposium 2021 will all be about building with nature and circularity. On May 7th, Stefan Aarninkhof (Professor Coastal Engineering TU Delft) will host the symposium from our corona-proof studio. The symposium will start with a plenary session where Henk Nieboer (director EcoShape) and Bart-Jan van der Spek (Project manager & engineer CDR international) will speak about building with nature and their experience in this field of work. After this session, four leading hydraulic engineering companies will join us for two challenging workshops after which we finalize the symposium with a discussion and some virtual drinks which will be provided by the symposium committee.

The symposium is the perfect way to get know this intriguing field of work and to experience how companies implement this kind of engineering in their own projects. Enthusiastic? Apply now, via the following google forms link:

https://forms.gle/ZdYnHBxXXaVhGR3L6 (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

Note that a gmail-account is needed to apply for the event and that the event is only accessible for TU Delft master students. Because of the current COVID-19 measures, the symposium is an online event for all participants. More information on the program follows after registration. For all questions concerning the symposium please send an e-mail to symposium@waterbouwdispuut.nl .

Hope to see you all on May 7th,

Symposium committee 2021