Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. is a leading global dredging and offshore contractor and maritime services provider. We offer a unique combination of experts, vessels and activities. With our origins in the Netherlands, we have been operating for over 100 years. Today we create new horizons for our stakeholders in the ports, offshore energy, maritime and inland infrastructure markets.


WSP is a worldwide consultancy and engineering firm with its headquarters in Canada. We offer technical expertise and strategic advice to clients within the sector of Construction, Infrastructure, Energy, Water and Environment. In the Netherlands we are working with 450 employees on 9 locations across the country. 

We have a variety of disciplines, which enables us to come up with a comprehensive approach for different issues. Due to our global innovation programma, Future Ready, we challenge and inspire all our people to advise and design programmes ready for the future as well as today.

Looking for an internship or job? We offer young professionals an interesting career with a lot of growth opportunities and personal development!


Deltares is an independent institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface. Throughout the world, we work on smart solutions, innovations and applications for people, environment and society. Our mission is Enabling Delta Life. As an applied research institute, the success of Deltares can be measured in the extent to which our expert knowledge can be used in and for society.

For Deltares the quality of our expertise and advice comes first. All contracts and projects, whether financed privately or from strategic research budgets, contribute to the consolidation of our knowledge base. Furthermore, we believe in openness and transparency, as is evident from the free availability of our software and models. Open source works is our firm conviction. Deltares is a not-for-profit organisation, employs 850 people, 42 different nationalities and is based in Delft and Utrecht.

Van Hattum en Blankevoort

Tunnels en bruggen van de buitencategorie, fenomenale fly-overs en voortreffelijke viaducten. Het zit in onze genen. Al bijna twee eeuwen lang. Van de roemruchte Oosterscheldekering tot de Amstelveenlijn. Bij Van Hattum en Blankevoort verrijken we Nederland graag met spraakmakende kunstwerken en civiele constructies. We ontwerpen, realiseren én onderhouden projecten in de verkeersinfra, aan en op het water of binnenstedelijk onder de grond. Als meest ervaren civiele aannemer van Nederland ontwerpt, bouwt en onderhoudt Van Hattum en Blankevoort civiele constructies voor projecten in de infrastructuur, energie-, wind- en vastgoedmarkt. Grote innovatieve, integrale projecten zoals de nieuwe zeesluis IJmuiden, maar ook specialistische projecten als een hoogwatergeul, onderhoud van kades of een ondergrondse parkeergarage in hartje Utrecht. Het hoofdkantoor zit in Vianen en in Diemen, Papendrecht, Dordrecht en Rijssen bevinden zich de regiokantoren.


SBE is one of the largest independent engineering consultancies in Belgium. A team of 160 colleagues, scattered over 4 offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain, works on the design of civil structures such as bridges, tunnels, quay walls, navigational locks and dikes. As specialized consultants we are the ‘special forces’ of civil engineering since we only take action for very complex projects. We are also a family business which translates into a friendly work-environment, short communication lines and a flat and agile organisational structure.

Van den Herik

Family business Van den Herik is a hydraulic engineer through and through. The passion for working with water originated in 1946. The company has since grown into a multidisciplinary company with around 200 employees, strong in both hydraulic engineering projects and the detection of conventional explosives. Van den Herik is versatile, has a social and sustainable approach and is innovative.
Together with our independent sister companies, we are building a future that is liveable, accessible and safe for the people who live there. Engineering the future of water.

Waterschap Rivierenland

We provide dry feet and plenty of clean water. We do this by making and maintaining strong dikes, keeping the water level, ensuring clean surface water and safe (water) road management. At Waterschap Rivierenland we have prepared for 4 types of calamities:
– (Imminent) flooding due to extremely high water on the major rivers. To such an extent that even the dikes can no longer cope with it.
– (Imminent) flooding in the polder due to extreme rainfall. Such that more rain falls than can be discharged.
– Pollution of the surface water. For example due to illegal discharges.
– Failure of pumping stations, treatment plants or other installations that we need to perform our tasks.

Vereniging van Waterbouwers

The Association of Hydraulic Engineers is the employers and entrepreneurs organization for contractors & service providers in hydraulic engineering. Our association has more than 91 members who are active both nationally and internationally. We represent the interests of the members and continuously work on a vital hydraulic engineering sector. We do this by sharing knowledge and organizing activities. But above all, we bring the beautiful profession of hydraulic engineering to the attention of a wide audience.


Working together on a safe, liveable and accessible Netherlands. That is Rijkswaterstaat. The battle against water is not over yet. This is evident from the floods of the major rivers in 1993 and 1995 and new insights into climate change. We use our past to work on the future. Protection against floods will therefore remain high on the agenda in the 21st century. In addition, issues surrounding liveability and mobility remain important items on the agenda. Together with expert partners, we will continue to work towards a safe, liveable and accessible Netherlands.


It is within your and our reach: a liveable, accessible and sustainable Netherlands. The big challenge is not getting there, but how. We see innovations and new ways of working together as key to this. As consultants and engineers, we are building a future-proof country together with our clients, partners and knowledge institutes. Are you in?