Arthe Civil & Structure

A knowledge-driven engineering firm, Arthe Civil & Structure specializes in soil-structure interaction, tunnels, dikes and other geotechnical designs. We are a close-knit team, based in Utrecht Area, working on the most technically challenging components of large national and international projects.

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Swell Volume 40, Nr.3

The last edition of the Swell for the academic year of 2018-2019! Find out what events have taken place these last few months and test your skills in the hydraulic puzzle. Furthermore, we have two cool interviews: one with student Sjoerd van Hoof about his trip to Jakarta with RHDHV, and one with two of our one lecturers: Sierd de Vries & Matthieu de Schipper!

End of year BBQ

On Thursday July 4th the end of year BBQ will take place next to the CiTG Faculty. Starting at 6 pm you are all welcome to celebrate the end of the year with students and faculty. You can apply by filling in the following form. After the BBQ we will end with some hydraulic drinks at the Tango!

StudentFaculty member

Hydraulic EngineeringOffshore EngineeringBachelor Civil EngineeringOther/Not relevant

YesI will visit just for some drinks

Department Event June 2019

On June 4 het Waterbouwdispuut organized a department event for the staff of hydraulic engineering. Around 50 people from the department of hydraulic engineering joined us, as we had some drinks and appetizers at Experiment, a cool new restaurant at Lijm & Culture. There was a lot of ‘gezelligheid’, good discussions and an occasional hydraulic joke coming out of the blue. Some people were even brave enough to take a quick jump into the Schie and enjoy a swim! After some time, we moved inside where the different researchers, teachers and staff from the department could test their hydraulic knowledge in a special pubquiz. Questions ranged from recognizing famous hydraulic structures and songs to estimating the length of the Dutch coastline (including the Waddeneilanden it is 523 km in case you were wondering…). At the end, the winning group received a geo-triangle from het Waterbouwdispuut which was well appreciated! All in all it was a successful event and after a few hours, everyone ventured home in an effort to escape the coming storm.

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Lunch Lecture Fugro

On Tuesday May 28th, Fugro will give a lunch lecture on their work at the new Terneuzen Sluices (the big sluices at the entrance canal to the port of Gent) and the difficulties regarding piping. The lecture will start at 12:30, right after the Probabilistic and Sediment Dynamics lectures and will be in room 4.99 (same as the probabilistic lecture and next to sed. dynamics). As always we will provide lunch for everyone. This will be the last lunch lecture of the year, so we hope to see many of you there!

W+B Business Course Blankenburgverbinding

On June 12, Witteveen + Bos will once again host one of their popular business courses at the W+B office in Deventer (travel costs will be reimbursed by W+B). During the course (from 9.30 – 18.00) you will get to know W+B and and go deeper into one of their current projects, the Blankenburgverbinding. Of course you’ll also have networking opportunities during the lunch and drinks & dinner afterwards. If you’re interested, apply until June 10th!

Download the poster below for more information.

Hydraulic Dinner May 2019

On may 16th, 18 students and 9 professionals were invited for first the Hydraulic Dinner of 2019. The Dinner was hosted by the lovely staff of La Tasca and ‘Het Waterbouwdispuut’. After some icebreaking starters and some small appetizers, the night started and people settled in their places.

From the start it became clear that this wasn’t a usual night. The menu was kept a secret and companies gave their presentations both educational and informal.

As the night continued the dishes come out of the kitchen onto our tables. As everybody got its plates it became clear that the chef wanted the guests to envy each other. On each table multiple different and delicious plates were served. And people were bending over backwards to get a look at each other’s plates. In the meantime, first Arcadis, then Fugro and finally Rijkswaterstaat all tried to accomplish that same look in the student’s eyes. ‘I want that’. They gave their view on how the future should look and how we as students could be part of it. With questions from the top hat we tried to put them on the spot. All of them successfully convinced us that they were a good place to work.
For those of you who missed it, no worries there will be a new edition next year.

Symposium 2019

This year, NethCold was celebrating their 50th anniversary. NethCold is the Dutch Commission On Large Dams. In July 2018, the first meeting for organising this festive day was planned and some rough ideas for making this a great day were set on paper. The 9th of May was this festive day, and we can look back at a beautiful day.

The day started with the opening by Cees Henk Oostinga, the President of NethCold. He gave an introduction of ICOLD, EUCold and the contributions of NethCold. Bas Jonkman, vice-president of NethCold told us about the challenges we are facing within the world of large dams. Marijn Meyer Ranneft gave a personal story about what triggers people to take part of this challenges. Our keynote speaker Jean-Jacques Fry, president of the EUCold who came here all the way from Lisbon, gave us a wider perspective about EUCold and ICOLD. The plenary sessions was closed with an inspiring story of Hans van Duivendijk. His contributions to NethCold are massive, and that can be seen from his story in which some beautiful experiences within the world of large dams were told.

After a coffee break together with RoyalHaskoningDHV, Rijkswaterstaat, Sweco, VanOord and Hydraphalt, the workshops started. The workshops were divided in three groups, each representing one of the technical committees NethCold holds: Dam Safety, Sediment and Levees. Students and experts in these fields were put together in groups, which led to lots of experience to cross over.

After the workshops, everybody came together to listen to the multidisciplinary student project which was done by students from different universities in the Netherlands. Rosanne Hakfoort and Han de Jong tols us about the the challenges in implementation of large water infrastructure. The day was ended with some drinks! Thank you all for coming and the contributions to make it a fruitful day!


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