Hydraulic Dinner May 2019

On may 16th, 18 students and 9 professionals were invited for first the Hydraulic Dinner of 2019. The Dinner was hosted by the lovely staff of La Tasca and ‘Het Waterbouwdispuut’. After some icebreaking starters and some small appetizers, the night started and people settled in their places.

From the start it became clear that this wasn’t a usual night. The menu was kept a secret and companies gave their presentations both educational and informal.

As the night continued the dishes come out of the kitchen onto our tables. As everybody got its plates it became clear that the chef wanted the guests to envy each other. On each table multiple different and delicious plates were served. And people were bending over backwards to get a look at each other’s plates. In the meantime, first Arcadis, then Fugro and finally Rijkswaterstaat all tried to accomplish that same look in the student’s eyes. ‘I want that’. They gave their view on how the future should look and how we as students could be part of it. With questions from the top hat we tried to put them on the spot. All of them successfully convinced us that they were a good place to work.
For those of you who missed it, no worries there will be a new edition next year.

Symposium 2019

This year, NethCold was celebrating their 50th anniversary. NethCold is the Dutch Commission On Large Dams. In July 2018, the first meeting for organising this festive day was planned and some rough ideas for making this a great day were set on paper. The 9th of May was this festive day, and we can look back at a beautiful day.

The day started with the opening by Cees Henk Oostinga, the President of NethCold. He gave an introduction of ICOLD, EUCold and the contributions of NethCold. Bas Jonkman, vice-president of NethCold told us about the challenges we are facing within the world of large dams. Marijn Meyer Ranneft gave a personal story about what triggers people to take part of this challenges. Our keynote speaker Jean-Jacques Fry, president of the EUCold who came here all the way from Lisbon, gave us a wider perspective about EUCold and ICOLD. The plenary sessions was closed with an inspiring story of Hans van Duivendijk. His contributions to NethCold are massive, and that can be seen from his story in which some beautiful experiences within the world of large dams were told.

After a coffee break together with RoyalHaskoningDHV, Rijkswaterstaat, Sweco, VanOord and Hydraphalt, the workshops started. The workshops were divided in three groups, each representing one of the technical committees NethCold holds: Dam Safety, Sediment and Levees. Students and experts in these fields were put together in groups, which led to lots of experience to cross over.

After the workshops, everybody came together to listen to the multidisciplinary student project which was done by students from different universities in the Netherlands. Rosanne Hakfoort and Han de Jong tols us about the the challenges in implementation of large water infrastructure. The day was ended with some drinks! Thank you all for coming and the contributions to make it a fruitful day!


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Inhouseday SWECO

**Dutch only**

Op Donderdagmiddag 18 april 2019 organiseert Sweco een inhousedag op hun kantoor in De Bilt. Sweco zoekt Junior Adviseurs in:

– Waterbouw en Tunnelbouw
– Wegen
– Rail
– Assetmanagement
– Stad van de Toekomst
– Civiele Techniek

Tijdens deze interactieve middag word je meegenomen in de wereld van Sweco, wie we zijn en wat we doen. Door middel van presentaties, cases en gespreksrondes krijg jij de kans om jezelf te laten zien en met ons kennis te maken!

Ben jij (bijna) afgestudeerd en op zoek naar een uitdagende startersfunctie bij hét grootste ingenieursadviesbureau van Europa? Kijk dan op https://werkenbijsweco.nl/?filter-searchphrase=inhousedag, reageer vóór 8 april aanstaande en wie weet zien wij elkaar op 18 april aanstaande!

Voor vragen kan je contact opnemen met Fabienne Jansen, Campus Recruiter via +31 6 23 21 83 75 of fabienne.jansen@sweco.nl.




Company Case Van Oord

On Tuesday March 13th, Van Oord will host their annual Company Case / Inhouse Day for students of Het Waterbouwdispuut. The day will start at 09:00 at the Van Oord office in Rotterdam. During the day, we will work in groups on cases related to real projects, in the subject of sustainable energy. We will have lunch there and finish the day with some drinks at around 17:00.

If you’re interested in getting to know Van Oord better and experience what kind of projects they work on, then sign up for the case by sending an e-mail to vice-voorzitter@waterbouwdispuut.nl. Don’t forget to include your CV and photo!

Hope to sea you there!

Swell Volume 40, Nr.2

In this edition of the Swell we are looking back at a very successful study trip to Dublin whilst also giving you a sneak preview about the upcoming events and trips. Also in this edition, an interview with Hydraulic Engineering student Focco Vons and an article about plastic free rivers. There are multiple hydraulic facts to be found and of course see if you can solve the hydraulic puzzles!

Company Case Royal HaskoningDHV

On Tuesday February 19th, Royal HaskoningDHV will host their annual Company Case for students of Het Waterbouwdispuut. The case will start at 10:30 at the RHDHV office in Rotterdam. During the day, you will work in groups on several cases taken from real projects, such as the Giant Sea Wall in Jakarta (see photo on the poster below). We will have lunch there and finish the day with some drinks at around 17:00.

Would you like to experience what it’s like to work at one of the Netherlands’ most well known engineering offices? And do you want to know what kind of projects keep them busy? Then sign up for the case by sending an e-mail to vice-voorzitter@waterbouwdispuut.nl and don’t forget to include your CV!

Study Tour 2019: Brazil

The registration for the Hydraulic Study trip of this summer has closed. From the 8th until the 22nd of July 2019, we will be travelling with a group of twenty students to… Brazil! We will be travelling in the surroundings of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. We are planning to see some of the most impressive hydraulic masterpieces in the world, like the Itaipu Dam and the Port in Rio de Janeiro. During the trip, we will vary the hydraulic activities (company visits and excursions) with many other activities, so that it will still feel like two weeks of holidays. Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and occupies almost half of South America, so it will not disappoint!

For the lucky ones that have managed to get a spot on this trip, you can always email buitenland@waterbouwdispuut.nl or stop by 3.72 if you have any questions.





Sweco plans and designs the communities and cities of the future. The results of our work are sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure and access to clean water. With 15,000 employees in Northern Europe, we offer our customers the right expertise for every project. We carry out projects in 70 countries annually throughout the world. Sweco is Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy, with sales of approximately SEK 16.9 billion (EUR 1.8 billion). The company is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB.

Company Case MTBS

On Wednesday the 12th of December a group of enthusiastic Hydraulic Engineering students visited MTBS at their office located at the old port in Rotterdam. MTBS, Maritime & Transport Business Solutions, prepared an interesting real life port development case for us and after a short introduction about MTBS we spend the afternoon looking at the various subjects of this case. The afternoon ended with short presentations and a nice tour of the office. And of course some casual drinks, where the students were able to ask their remaining questions. We would like to thank Dirk and Ernst from MTBS for the fun and exciting afternoon!