DEME is a world leader in the highly specialised fields of dredging, solutions for the offshore energy market, infra marine and environmental works. With more than 140 years of experience and 5,200 highly skilled professionals, we bring tailor-made solutions, innovation and new technologies to our customers’ projects, ensuring that they are performed safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Van den Herik

Family business Van den Herik is a hydraulic engineer through and through. The passion for working with water originated in 1946. The company has since grown into a multidisciplinary company with around 200 employees, strong in both hydraulic engineering projects and the detection of conventional explosives. Van den Herik is versatile, has a social and sustainable approach and is innovative.
Together with our independent sister companies, we are building a future that is liveable, accessible and safe for the people who live there. Engineering the future of water.

Arthe Civil & Structure

A knowledge-driven engineering firm, Arthe Civil & Structure specializes in soil-structure interaction, tunnels, dikes and other geotechnical designs. We are a close-knit team, based in Utrecht Area, working on the most technically challenging components of large national and international projects.

Keep an eye on our linked-in page for upcoming events at Delft University of Technology and elsewhere.

End of year BBQ

On Thursday July 4th the end of year BBQ will take place next to the CiTG Faculty. Starting at 6 pm you are all welcome to celebrate the end of the year with students and faculty. You can apply by filling in the following form. After the BBQ we will end with some hydraulic drinks at the Tango!

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Lunch Lecture Fugro

On Tuesday May 28th, Fugro will give a lunch lecture on their work at the new Terneuzen Sluices (the big sluices at the entrance canal to the port of Gent) and the difficulties regarding piping. The lecture will start at 12:30, right after the Probabilistic and Sediment Dynamics lectures and will be in room 4.99 (same as the probabilistic lecture and next to sed. dynamics). As always we will provide lunch for everyone. This will be the last lunch lecture of the year, so we hope to see many of you there!

W+B Business Course Blankenburgverbinding

On June 12, Witteveen + Bos will once again host one of their popular business courses at the W+B office in Deventer (travel costs will be reimbursed by W+B). During the course (from 9.30 – 18.00) you will get to know W+B and and go deeper into one of their current projects, the Blankenburgverbinding. Of course you’ll also have networking opportunities during the lunch and drinks & dinner afterwards. If you’re interested, apply until June 10th!

Download the poster below for more information.

Hydraulic Dinner May 2019

On may 16th, 18 students and 9 professionals were invited for first the Hydraulic Dinner of 2019. The Dinner was hosted by the lovely staff of La Tasca and ‘Het Waterbouwdispuut’. After some icebreaking starters and some small appetizers, the night started and people settled in their places.

From the start it became clear that this wasn’t a usual night. The menu was kept a secret and companies gave their presentations both educational and informal.

As the night continued the dishes come out of the kitchen onto our tables. As everybody got its plates it became clear that the chef wanted the guests to envy each other. On each table multiple different and delicious plates were served. And people were bending over backwards to get a look at each other’s plates. In the meantime, first Arcadis, then Fugro and finally Rijkswaterstaat all tried to accomplish that same look in the student’s eyes. ‘I want that’. They gave their view on how the future should look and how we as students could be part of it. With questions from the top hat we tried to put them on the spot. All of them successfully convinced us that they were a good place to work.
For those of you who missed it, no worries there will be a new edition next year.

Inhouseday SWECO

**Dutch only**

Op Donderdagmiddag 18 april 2019 organiseert Sweco een inhousedag op hun kantoor in De Bilt. Sweco zoekt Junior Adviseurs in:

– Waterbouw en Tunnelbouw
– Wegen
– Rail
– Assetmanagement
– Stad van de Toekomst
– Civiele Techniek

Tijdens deze interactieve middag word je meegenomen in de wereld van Sweco, wie we zijn en wat we doen. Door middel van presentaties, cases en gespreksrondes krijg jij de kans om jezelf te laten zien en met ons kennis te maken!

Ben jij (bijna) afgestudeerd en op zoek naar een uitdagende startersfunctie bij hét grootste ingenieursadviesbureau van Europa? Kijk dan op, reageer vóór 8 april aanstaande en wie weet zien wij elkaar op 18 april aanstaande!

Voor vragen kan je contact opnemen met Fabienne Jansen, Campus Recruiter via +31 6 23 21 83 75 of