MTBS Company Case

Written by Servaas Kievits

During a successful lecture at the TU Delft with a full classroom, the new Hydraulic Engineering students got to know MTBS and their business a little and as many people got excited, the company case was only a logical next event to organize.

On the 6th of December this group of enthusiastic students assembled at the Oudehaven in Rotterdam where the office of MTBS is located in the White House. In this beautiful building, that is recognized by some as the first skyscraper of the Netherlands, MTBS had just opened a new floor so that the group of Hydraulic Engineering students were the first to try out the new desks and chairs.

After being welcomed by one of the directors, it quickly appeared that our friends from MTBS were not intending on only letting us try out the chairs but also wanted to put us to work. Following an introduction of the company the business case for that afternoon was unfolded: a challenging case study in which the students got a feeling on what a real MTBS project could look like. That a sophisticated model was used in this case troubled some minds at first but soon everyone had figured that out with a productive afternoon as the result.

By the end of the day, all groups had come up with an interesting solution to the challenge leading to an open discussion to conclude with. As, besides MTBS and some other companies, the White House houses a café, there was quickly agreed upon moving downstairs to end the day with drinks that were well deserved. With other employees joining, we were able to ask our final questions after which the day was concluded.

We would like to say a word of thanks to MTBS for hosting this wonderful event and providing us with an insight in the challenges they face daily.

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