Welcome to the website of ‘Het Waterbouwdispuut’, the Hydraulic Engineering Student Association of the TU Delft.

As student association we can help:


  • Complaints/suggestions about courses and the program (onderwijs@waterbouwdispuut.nl) (more information)
  • Organize a wide variety of study related activities: Master-kickoff day, 2x Master Communities, symposium, 2x international study trips, Hydraulic Dinner, many company cases and excursions. (calender)
  • Every week Hydraulic Coffee with the Hydraulic Engineering staff and students.
  • Help to find you a internship or graduation project (onderwijs@waterbouwdispuut.nl)
  • Questions about the Msc. or the student association (info@waterbouwdispuut.nl)

And companies who are interested in:

  • A partnership
  • Organizing a company case
  • And more (vice-voorzitter@waterbouwdispuut.nl)

On this website you can find various information about upcoming events, vacancies, trainee ships, the master of Hydraulic Engineering at the TU Delft and other activities organized or recommended by Het Waterbouwdispuut.

For more information you can always contact us at info@waterbouwdispuut.nl or visit us at the faculty in room 3.72.

For the website of the Department of Hydraulic Engineering press here.

Also, join us on Facebook to keep you up-to-date!

Latest news

Best wishes for 2017!

Dear all, We want to wish you all the best for the coming year! Hope to see you all soon at the Hydraulic coffee every tuesday 10:30 or at one of our other events! Cheers! Het Waterbouwdispuut

Judith Bosboom Best Lecturer of TU Delft 2016

We’re very proud to inform you that Judith Bosboom (CEG), one of our honour members, was chosen as the Best Lecturer of TU Delft 2016. Eight candidates were nominated by their faculty’s Study Association. Judith already was the best at CEG … Continue reading

Hydraulic Drinks

Dear Students, Every exam deserves a drink or two afterwards, to celebrate the results or to drown your sorrows. So join us for the second  Hydraulic Drinks” of this academic year! Subscribe for the event, tell your friends about it … Continue reading

StuCo 2017 India & Sri Lanka

Ook dit jaar vindt er weer een spetterende waterbouwreis plaats, dit keer naar het zonnige India en Sri Lanka. Twee weken lang zullen jullie vermaakt worden met excursies, cases en bedrijvenbezoeken in het gezelschap van 20 waterbouwstudenten. India heeft met … Continue reading

Waterbouwdag 2016

Last Thursday, we were present at the Nationale Waterbouwdag 2016 in Rotterdam. As the board of the Hydraulic Engineering Student Association we were there to assist the organisation and also to represent de students of the MSc. Hydraulic Engineering. We … Continue reading

Lunch Lecture Royal Haskoning

Dear students, A quick reminder that we’ve invited two engineers from Royal HaskonigDHV to come give a lunch lecture this afternoon, at 12:30 in lecture hall D! The focus will be on dredging works conducted in the inland waterways surrounding … Continue reading

MSc. Community

The MSc. Community was a great succes! We had a very diverse turnout of students and some very interesting speakers. The event was hosted at the PSOR Cafe where drinks and snacks were served. The event’s main focus, is to inform … Continue reading

Thixotropy of fluid mud in ports and waterways – MSc Final Thesis March 2017

Background The navigation in ports and waterways has to be safeguarded by maintenance dredging, removing sediments deposited by tide, river flow and waves. These deposits consist of soft, fluid-like sediments, referred to as fluid mud characterized by low density and weak shear strengths. As … Continue reading