About us

As a student association, we help both students and companies. By actively improving quality of education as well as providing opportunities for students to improve themselves and get to know the Hydraulic Engineering field, we aim to help students to become better Hydraulic Engineers and future employees. We can help with complaints/suggestions about courses,  questions on the MSc or the student association itself and much more. Companies can be helped through our network of passionate Hydraulic Engineering students.


As a student association, we are dedicated to helping our Hydraulic Engineering students. Most importantly, we actively try to improve the quality of our education and organize course evaluation groups for (almost) all courses in the Hydraulic Engineering study programme, but we also organize multiple Hydraulic Engineering associated activities and offer a platform where students are able to easily find vacancies for internships, graduation topics or traineeships.


Our students are constantly looking for internships, graduation topics or trainee positions. Do you want to make sure your company isn’t missing out? Through a partnership with Het Waterbouwdispuut we can improve your brand awareness amongst students and organise various events where your company can participate. Interested? Contact us by sending an email to vice-voorzitter@waterbouwdispuut.nl


Do you have any suggestions, complaints about courses, or do you feel the need to contact us for any other reason? Please contact us via our contact form or walk by our office at room 3.72 in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at the TU Delft.

Upcoming events

Master Community I
Master community I This Monday, November the 16th, Master Community 1 is hosted online! Master community 1 is all about
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Ontmoet Arcadis
Digitale bijeenkomst voor studenten en starters “Ontmoet Arcadis” Op donderdag 10 en vrijdag 11 december organiseert Arcadis een virtueel kijkje
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Business course Witteveen & Bos
Business course Witteveen & Bos Upcoming 2 and 3 December the yearly Business Course of Witteveen + Bos will take place. On the second
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MEX 2020
This year, the MEX (multiple days excursion) will take place in the weekend of 26 – 29 november! Detailed information
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