Welcome to the website of ‘Het Waterbouwdispuut’, the Hydraulic Engineering Student Association of the TU Delft.

As student association we can help:


  • Complaints/suggestions about courses and the program (onderwijs@waterbouwdispuut.nl) (more information)
  • Organize a wide variety of study related activities: Master-kickoff day, 2x Master Communities, symposium, 2x international study trips, Hydraulic Dinner, many company cases and excursions. (calender)
  • Every week Hydraulic Coffee with the Hydraulic Engineering staff and students.
  • Help to find you a internship or graduation project (onderwijs@waterbouwdispuut.nl)
  • Questions about the Msc. or the student association (info@waterbouwdispuut.nl)

And companies who are interested in:

  • A partnership
  • Organizing a company case
  • And more (vice-voorzitter@waterbouwdispuut.nl)

On this website you can find various information about upcoming events, vacancies, trainee ships, the master of Hydraulic Engineering at the TU Delft and other activities organized or recommended by Het Waterbouwdispuut.

For more information you can always contact us at info@waterbouwdispuut.nl or visit us at the faculty in room 3.72.

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Latest news

Thixotropy of fluid mud in ports and waterways – MSc Final Thesis March 2017

Background The navigation in ports and waterways has to be safeguarded by maintenance dredging, removing sediments deposited by tide, river flow and waves. These deposits consist of soft, fluid-like sediments, referred to as fluid mud characterized by low density and weak shear strengths. As … Continue reading

[Registration is open!] Symposium 2016 “Hydraulic Engineering in developing countries”

Dear Students & Staff! We of the hydraulic student association “Het Waterbouwdispuut” are glad to announce that this year’s annual symposium will be held at May 19th! It promises to be a very educative and interactive day with interesting speakers … Continue reading

Graduation project (Msc thesis) Fluidmechanics

Hi, Are you looking for a MSC thesis? Han Winterwerp has a position for an interesting master thesis partially in Indonesia. The subject is: “Measuring and modeling wave damping by permeable groins” Starting right away. If you are interrested contact … Continue reading

Het Waterbouwdispuut op Waterbouwdag 2015

Op 10 November vond in de Doelen, Rotterdam, de Waterbouwdag plaats! Het Waterbouwdispuut was hier uiteraard bij aanwezig. Het thema was waterbouw: kunst of kunde? Een erg interessante dag waarbij we veel mensen en bedijven hebben gesproken. De lezingen en … Continue reading

Interview Marcel Stive

Click here.

Symposium: ‘Multifunctional flood defense urban deltas’

On Tuesday the 19th of May 2015, the annual symposium will take place at the faculty of CiTG (TU Delft). This year’s topic will cover the aspects of multifunctional flood defence project for urban regions. Think of international projects such … Continue reading

National Marine Dredging Company

National Marine Dredging Company from the UAE  is interested to talk to potential graduates that would be interested to start their career in the dredging and marine construction industry in the Middle East. Although it is short notice, a representative … Continue reading

DIMI on Tour event: Next generation storm surge barriers on April 10th

n 2015 the Delft Infrastructures & Mobility Initiative (DIMI) is organising a series of debates on ‘Deltas & Ports of the future’. The focus is on the task of giving practical shape to the recent Delta Decisions instituted by the … Continue reading