As a student association, we offer a number of activities for our members. The main aim of these activities is to introduce Hydraulic Engineering students to the Hydraulic Engineering field, both in the business and in research. Therefore, we organise excursions, study trips, company cases and guest lectures as well as Master Communities and our weekly Hydraulic Coffee.

Hydraulic Coffee

Every week, students and staff members come together to drink their ‘Hydraulic Coffee’ with a cookie. The day of the week this event takes place changes per month, but the time is always 10:30 and the place always 3.72. Once in a while, we’ll have a special Hydraulic Coffee at the Waterlab (Stevin Lab II) to be able to include the professors that are located there too.

Hydraulic Dinners

Introducing students and companies to each other is one of our main targets. Our Hydraulic Dinners are one of our best opportunities to do so. The Hydraulic Dinners provide an informal environment for companies and students to meet and exchange knowledge, since students and companies are seated right next to each other at an exclusive 4-course dinner. A great opportunity to find a potential internship or graduation topic!

Multiple Day Excursion (MEX)

Why stay in a big grey building while studying hydraulic phenomena when you can easily see some in real life instead? That’s the idea behind our yearly multi-day excursion. For a period of 3-4 days,  25 Hydraulic Engineering students travel to another (most of the time European) country accompanied by 2 professors of the Hydraulic Engineering department. In recent years we visited places like Lisbon, Venice, Dublin and Gibraltar. These trips are a good mix of fun activities and great excursions to universities or Hydraulic Engineering projects.

Study Tour

Are you still getting energy from Hydraulic Engineering at the end of the academic year? We offer our students an awesome study trip abroad. Every year the StuCo (Study tour Committee), a committee of Het Waterbouwdispuut, organizes a study tour for students of the Master Hydraulic Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. The study tour has a duration of about two weeks and always takes place during the summer holidays. The purpose of this tour is to give students the opportunity to get in touch with the practical side of their studies, to meet hydraulic orientated companies, and of course to learn from the different perspectives and visions on hydraulic related issues in foreign countries. Locations of previous tours were: China, Russia, Vietnam, Brazil and Indonesia.

Company Cases

‘Het Waterbouwdispuut’ organizes several company cases to our sponsors’ and partners’ offices every year. The main goal of these company cases is to introduce our students to the business world of Hydraulic Engineering. The company cases are organized at the company’s Main Office. After a short introduction of the company, the students have to design a solution for a case about a project issue the company is/was dealing with. This way the student will get to know the company in an interactive way.

Guest lectures

Several times a year, companies (partners or sponsors) will come to the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences to organize a (course-related) lecture. The lecturer will be working for the company and talk about recent projects, difficulties in the business and how theoretical knowledge can be applied in practice. Usually, these lectures are either during the TU Delft lunch break (12:30-13:30) or during a course if it is specifically linked to a course. If it’s during lunch, Het Waterbouwdispuut provides sandwiches to be eaten during the lectures.


In May of every academic year, we organize a Symposium. During the Symposium, current challenges in the hydraulic engineering world will be discussed by representatives of the business world and research institutes.  They will share their vision and experiences in regard to the theme.

Students are free to ask questions during the symposium, where in most cases the questions will lead into an interesting discussion between the students and the representatives of the business world and research institutes. Afterwards, there will be drinks and several companies will be available for questions at a company fair.

Master Communities

Several times during the academic year, a Master Community is organized by Het Waterbouwdispuut in alliance with the Hydraulic Engineering department. Master Communities provide a platform for the Hydraulic Engineering department to answer frequently asked questions and elaborate on all possibilities within the Hydraulic Engineering master. Themes that recur every year are track choice, special courses choice (multi-disciplinary project, internship or additional thesis) and graduation theses.