Every year, 7 Hydraulic Engineering students dedicate themselves to Het Waterbouwdispuut by becoming a board member. Every board member has a specific task that contributes to the main goals that our student association has, and is seated for one entire academic year starting from September up until June. Every year we try to improve our association by adding specific yearly goals that are to be achieved that academic year. In this way we aim to be as dynamic as possible, being able to adapt to and anticipate the changing demands of our Hydraulic Engineering students.

Board of ‘Het Waterbouwdispuut’: 2017-2018

    • President: Focco Vons
    • Secretary: Marlein Geraeds
    • Treasurer: Florian Laurens
    • External Affairs: Servaas Kievits
    • Internal Affairs: Inelotte Krijnen
    • Educational Affairs: Iris Heemskerk
    • Foreign Affairs: Sebastiaan Woerlee
Focus of 2017-2018:
  • Het Waterbouwdispuut is the association for all Hydraulic Engineering students and with the growing amount of international students, the spoken language will be English at all activities.  
  • A new website is to be implemented, with the aim to improve the informational supply to our students and partners.
  • More collaborations with the Hydraulic Engineering department and improvement of the (informal) contact between students and the department. 
  • Improving and expanding the current variety of activities that Het Waterbouwdispuut offers. This is to be done by increasing the amount of Master Communities and Hydraulic Dinners, with the ultimate goal to engage more students with Het Waterbouwdispuut.