Swell Volume 40, Nr.3

The last edition of the Swell for the academic year of 2018-2019! Find out what events have taken place these last few months and test your skills in the hydraulic puzzle. Furthermore, we have two cool interviews: one with student Sjoerd van Hoof about his trip to Jakarta with RHDHV, and one with two of our one lecturers: Sierd de Vries & Matthieu de Schipper!

Swell Volume 40, Nr.2

In this edition of the Swell we are looking back at a very successful study trip to Dublin whilst also giving you a sneak preview about the upcoming events and trips. Also in this edition, an interview with Hydraulic Engineering student Focco Vons and an article about plastic free rivers. There are multiple hydraulic facts to be found and of course see if you can solve the hydraulic puzzles!

Swell Volume 40, Nr.1

In this edition of the Swell you will find an overview of the past events, including a great article about the Summer Trip to China and a very first edition of Tjerk Constructions. Don’t forget to try and solve the Hydraulic Puzzle and find out about this years Waterbouwdispuut board members.

Swell Volume 38, Nr. 3

In this edition of the Swell: travelogue of the MEX to Copenhagen, a report on the Hydraulic Dinner, multi-disciplinary project Ecuador, Coen Disberg’s internship at Van Oord, some reports on the lunch lectures given this quarter, a company story about ARUP and of course a ‘Tjerke Verhalen’!


Swell Volume 38, Nr. 2

In this edition of the Swell: a report of the Master Kick-Off day, multi-disciplinary project Flood Proof Myanmar, an interview with Jenny Pronker about her internship at Boskalis, a travelogue of the field work in Bulgaria and more than enough Hydraulic Puzzles!



Swell Volume 38, Nr. 1

In this edition of the Swell: travelogue of the Study Tour to Panama, an interview on Tom Janssen’s graduation project (‘The recovery of barrier islands – testing the AeoLiS aeolian sediment transport model against the observed recovery of Fire Islands’), Jonas Harding’s internship at RHDHV and of course a Tjerke Verhalen!

Swell Volume 39, Nr. 2

In this edition of the Swell: travelogue of the multi-day excursion to Lisbon, interview with our retiring master coordinator Henk-Jan Verhagen, reports on the Company Case at MTBS and the Hydraulic Dinner and more Hydraulic Puzzles!

Swell Volume 39, Nr. 1

In this Swell: Multidisciplinary project in Chile, introduction of the new board of ‘ Het Waterbouwdispuut’  2017-2018, travelogue of the Study Tour to India and Sri Lanka, the last ‘Tjerke Verhalen’ and not one, but two Hydraulic Puzzles!