Inhouseday SWECO

**Dutch only**

Op Donderdagmiddag 18 april 2019 organiseert Sweco een inhousedag op hun kantoor in De Bilt. Sweco zoekt Junior Adviseurs in:

– Waterbouw en Tunnelbouw
– Wegen
– Rail
– Assetmanagement
– Stad van de Toekomst
– Civiele Techniek

Tijdens deze interactieve middag word je meegenomen in de wereld van Sweco, wie we zijn en wat we doen. Door middel van presentaties, cases en gespreksrondes krijg jij de kans om jezelf te laten zien en met ons kennis te maken!

Ben jij (bijna) afgestudeerd en op zoek naar een uitdagende startersfunctie bij hét grootste ingenieursadviesbureau van Europa? Kijk dan op, reageer vóór 8 april aanstaande en wie weet zien wij elkaar op 18 april aanstaande!

Voor vragen kan je contact opnemen met Fabienne Jansen, Campus Recruiter via +31 6 23 21 83 75 of




Study Tour 2019: Brazil

The registration for the Hydraulic Study trip of this summer has been opened! From the 8th until the 22nd of July 2019, we will be travelling with a group of twenty students to… Brazil! We will be travelling in the surroundings of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Join us to see some of the most impressive hydraulic masterpieces in the world, like the Itaipu Dam and the Port in Rio de Janeiro. During the trip, we will vary the hydraulic activities (company visits and excursions) with many other activities, so that it will still feel like two weeks of holidays. Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and occupies almost half of South America, so you won’t be disappointed!

If you would like to join us, you can register by clicking here. Please include a short motivation which you can send to Registration will close on the 10th of February, so please respond as soon as possible to secure a spot (this will also save money when booking the flight tickets). Costs will be around 1000 euros per person. This will include your flight tickets, accommodations, transportation, activities and most of your meals. We offer the possibility to travel on in Brazil before or after the study tour, just mention this in the registration form and we will contact you about it. Please stop by at 3.72 or send an e-mail for more information!

Link to application form:



Hydraulic Coffee

Being the Hydraulic Engineering student association, we are considered to create and maintain the link between students, professors, hydraulic companies and ourselves. We do so by keeping everyone updated by sending newsletters and magazines, organizing field trips, case studies, guest lectures and other activities like Master Communities. Also, we will be the central contacting point for students and others to ask questions, to gather information about activities or to get a nice hydraulic chat.

For this purpose, we organize a weekly coffee break for all Hydraulic Engineering students and the whole Hydraulic Engineering department. It is a very casual and regular event. We’ll make sure there is enough coffee and tea for everyone, and knowing there will be delicious cookies as well, you know you should be there!

The schedule for the Hydraulic Coffee is presented below and will always start at 10.30 AM in front of our office, room 3.72. Every last Coffee of the month will be hosted at the Waterlab. Check also our Facebook or ask someone of the board. It might be your chance to register yourself for upcoming activities or ask that question you wanted to ask your professors!


The schedule for the first part of 2018-2019 is as follows:

September 2018: Tuesday

October 2018: Wednesday

November 2018: Tuesday

December 2018: Tuesday
(Exception: No coffee on Tuesday the 4th, but a very special coffee on Wednesday the 5th with a ‘Sinterklaas’ Edition)

January 2019: Tuesday

February 2019: Wednesday

March 2019: Tuesday

April 2019: TBA

May 2019: TBA

June 2019: TBA

See you there!