´Het Waterbouwdispuut´ is the study association for students of the MSc-education Hydraulic Engineering at Delft University of Technology. Hydraulic Engineering is one of the oldest degrees in Delft as it is very important for our Nation existence. Notable graduates are Prof. Stive Ir. Jonkman, Ir. Laboyrie.

The study association ´Het Waterbouwdispuut´ is the platform developed by students and for students with the goal to bring companies, students and the university closer together. ´het Waterbouwdispuut´ was founded in 1981 by Ir. Bezuyen, Ir. Laboyrie, and Ir. Terwigsma. Starting as a spokesperson for the student body and eventually developing into what it is today.

These days the focus is on creating an environment in which companies and students are able to interact in a casual and professional manner. Furthermore ‘Het Waterbouwdispuut´ has the responsibility to improve and maintain the quality of the education and to inform and enthusiast end Bachelor students for the Master Hydraulic Engineering.