Past Events

Hydraulic Engineering Symposium 2021: Embrace the force of nature The Hydraulic Engineering Symposium 2021 will all be about building with
Meeting ID: 962 2379 2886 Password: 361815
Meeting ID: 926 2024 9492 Password: 177407
On the 22nd of February from 12.40 to 13.30 an online guest lecture of Van Oord is scheduled! During the
Master community IThis Monday, November the 16th, Master Community 1 is hosted online! Master community 1 is all about gaining
Digitale bijeenkomst voor studenten en starters “Ontmoet Arcadis” Op donderdag 10 en vrijdag 11 december organiseert Arcadis een virtueel kijkje
Business course Witteveen & Bos Upcoming 2 and 3 December the yearly Business Course of Witteveen + Bos will take place. On the second
This year, the MEX (multiple days excursion) will take place in the weekend of 26 – 29 november! Detailed information
Are you interested in working as a technical consultant all around the world for a Dutch hydraulic company? Come and