Horvat & Partners

Horvat & Partners is an established name in the infrastructure sector. We have been involved in all major Dutch infrastructure projects over the past decades identifying project risk, auditing project control, evaluating project performance and conducting technical analyses. These activities require broad technical expertise, which we secure, for an important part, by maintaining strong ties with TU Delft. Our founder being a former professor at TU Delft, the academic background of our employees, a variety of internships and our proud contribution to the ‘Waterbouwdispuut’ all illustrate these ties.


Fugro Flood Defence is the leading geotechnical and hydrological consulting firm in terms of assessing, building close to, reinforcing and constructing flood defences. We are also active in ‘room for the river’ projects, area development projects and the extraction and reuse of raw materials. We set ourselves apart through our combination of state-of-the-art and innovative geotechnical products and services, such as consultancy, soil investigations, laboratory research, monitoring and geodetic measurements.

In such projects, Fugro draws on its expertise to facilitate sustainable solutions. Examples include the utilization of local available soil and the development of both innovative survey techniques and innovative dyke reinforcement methods.

Thanks to our local presence and worldwide network of expertise, our advice is based on a combination of local knowledge and global know-how and technology. Fugro Flood Defence is involved in numerous high-profile projects including the area development project at Ooijen en Wanssum, the dyke relocation project at Lent, the strengthening of the Markermeer dykes, the assessment and dyke-reinforcement design of the dykes along the Spui, the dyke reinforcement at Wolferen-Sprok and the strengthening of the dykes protecting the city of Zwolle.