Multiple Day Excursion 2018

During the Multiple Day Excursion 2018, 23 students went to Dublin! Our first host was the OPW, Office of Public Works who were working on flood defences along the River Dodder, a river straight through the city of Dublin. Pictures of high-water levels were shown and the difficulties during the construction of the flood defences were told. In the morning sun we walked along the river to see the flood defences. In the afternoon we went to Turlough Hill, a hydropower station a bit outside of Dublin. It consists of two lakes for which during high energy demand it works as a turbine, during low energy demand as a pump. It was cool! Afterwards we took a short walk in the beautiful nature of Glendalough. On Saturday we went to ARUP, who had an interesting case about how we as engineer can contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations; very inspiring. We finished the weekend with a nice dinner with the group!

A big thanks to the organizing committee Loes, Roline, Mike & Quinten, and of course not to forget Marion & Matthieu, two professors who joined the trip and presented us with insightful and fun comments along the way!

Hope to see you next year!

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