Study Tour 2018

This summer, we will travel to the People’s Republic of China to see some of the most impressive hydraulic masterpieces in the world. Hydraulic engineering has a long history in this country, since massive canals with levees and dams were already constructed in ancient China (about 2,500 years ago) for irrigation purposes.

The study tour leads us to the regions around the cities of Shanghai and Wuhan. Shanghai is located in the Yangtze river delta and is the world’s largest city when considering the legal boundaries (not taking into account suburban or rural areas). Shanghai can be seen as the showpiece of the booming economy in China, with its impressive skyline (housing the second tallest building in the world), museums and historic buildings. Wuhan is located along the Yangtze river and will serve as the gate to the Three Gorges.

To name a few, we will visit the longest river in Asia (Yangtze River), the biggest dam of the world (Three Gorges Dam), one of the largest tidal bores in the world (Qiantang river) and the world’s busiest container port (Port of Shanghai). We will alternate these massive projects and phenomenon with trips to research institutes, hydraulic oriented companies and currently running projects.

Besides these hydraulic activities, we will spend some time visiting downtown Shanghai, West Lake in Huangzhou and the Yellow Mountains (Huangshan National Park).

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